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Labour Supply Analytics Suite

With the Internet becoming the employers’ preferred media for job advertising, it has become mandatory for job seekers to create and maintain their own professional online profiles, to apply for the advertised jobs.

The Vicinity Jobs labour supply analytics suite reads the resumes that job seekers create online when applying for work, to compile a detailed insight into the current supply of labour.

Although job seeker resumes are less readily available than job postings and may provide a more nuanced reflection of the supply of labour, the information contained in them is an important, yet often overlooked source of information about regional trends in the availability of talent. By employing cutting edge data processing technologies, we are able to extract and report valuable labour supply information, while ensuring the privacy of the job seekers whose profiles are processed.

The Vicinity Jobs labour supply analytics suite

Our on-demand labour supply analytics reports provide detailed information extracted from job seeker profiles, summarized by:

  • Location and Region
  • Occupation
  • Level of Education
  • Career Level
  • Industry Experience

The Vicinity Jobs Hiring Demand Reporting suite is provided in close partnership with MDB Insight, a leading Canadian Economic Development consultancy.

Let us demonstrate to you the depth of the information available through our Labour Supply and Hiring Demand Reporting suites, and show you how it can help you attract new businesses to your community and retain existing ones.

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