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Hiring Demand Analytics Suite

With the fast evolution and adoption of Online publishing and communication technologies, the Internet has become the labour market’s go-to-platform where employers and job seekers connect. In 2014, a US-based study found that over 60% of all job openings were posted online. The share is probably similar in Canada, and has likely increased since the study was conducted. A by-product of this trend has been that online job postings have become an accessible, reliable source of labour market information, and an important complement to traditional survey-based data sources.

Through the Vicinity Jobs hiring demand analytics suite, our customers take advantage of this trend. Using knowledge accumulated over more than a decade, we harvest information from millions of current postings for jobs in Canada, to deliver a detailed real-time insight into the latest regional trends in the demand for labour. With our reporting tools, you can find reliable, clear, unambiguous answer to questions like

  • Where are the jobs?
  • Which occupations and skills are in demand?
  • Who is hiring?
Dozens of customizable on-demand reports and graphs of Vicinity Jobs hiring demand analytics suite

Dozens of customizable on-demand reports and graphs provide a hyper-detailed, uniquely Canadian view into hiring demand trends by a number of factors, including:

  • Location and Region
  • Occupation (NOC)
  • Employer
  • Industry (NAICS)
  • Job Quality Metrics (full-time / part-time, contract / permanent, etc)
  • Data Source
  • NOC Skill Level
  • Hourly Wage

The Vicinity Jobs Hiring Demand Reporting suite is provided in close partnership with MDB Insight, a leading Canadian Economic Development consultancy.

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